India's real Elephant Whisperers pose with Oscar trophy, melt millions of hearts

The world was in awe as the heartwarming story of Belli and Bomman, the famed Elephant Whisperers, won India its first Oscar for Best Documentary. And now, in a moment that left fans cheering, director Kartiki Gonsalves shared a priceless snap of the real heroes posing with their well-deserved trophy.

As the couple behind the awe-inspiring tale of love and care for an orphaned elephant, the image of Belli and Bomman radiates warmth and joy. Their story of dedication and compassion in "The Elephant Whisperers" has touched millions, and this snapshot is a beautiful tribute to their unwavering spirit.

Director Gonsalves, who made history at the 95th Academy Awards, gushed over her reunion with the stars, exclaiming, "It's been a long four months since we’ve been apart, and now I feel like I'm home." And fans worldwide are feeling the same as they bask in the glow of this heartwarming triumph.

"The Elephant Whisperers" is a masterpiece that chronicles the journey of Bomman and Bellie, an indigenous couple entrusted with the care of a baby elephant named Raghu. Their incredible bond and tireless efforts to protect and nurture Raghu is a story of love that transcends all boundaries.

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