Visa Relief for Indian Job Seekers: US Allows Tourists to Search for Jobs Beyond 60 Days

Over 80,000 Indian IT professionals working in the US on H1B visas are facing anxiety due to the recent wave of tech layoffs. Losing their jobs has put them on a ticking clock, with just 60 days to secure new employment and avoid being forced to leave the country. This situation is causing great concern for families, as evidenced by a recent incident where an Indian-American teenager fled from home due to her father's termination.

However, those who are laid off need not leave the country immediately. They have the option to switch to a tourist or business visa and apply for jobs using that. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services has clarified that people holding B1 and B2 visas are not only eligible to apply for jobs but also attend interviews.

Despite the fact that more than 300,000 tech professionals have been affected by layoffs, many believe that they have only two options: to secure new employment within 60 days or to leave the country. However, switching to a tourist visa offers more alternatives, including obtaining a different non-immigrant status and the ability to apply for a change of employer.

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