KTR uses 10-year-old tweet to criticize PM Modi on CBI

The political climate is heating up as the BRS and BJP engage in a verbal battle of criticisms. Recently, BRS MLC Kavitha has been summoned by the ED to answer questions related to the Delhi liquor scam case. As tensions rise, posters have appeared in Hyderabad against the BJP, causing a stir. However, some of the posters targeted MLC Kavitha herself.

Meanwhile, KTR has taken to Twitter to voice his criticisms of the central government. Specifically, he has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi by bringing up a tweet from 10 years ago when Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat. The tweet in question accuses the CBI of becoming the "Congress Bureau of Investigation" and losing the country's trust. KTR used this tweet to question why the country doesn't trust central agencies like the CBI, suggesting that it may be because the Prime Minister himself does not trust them.

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