Minister RK Roja Takes Down TDP's Daydreams of Regaining Power

In a recent interview with a media channel, Minister RK Roja made some scathing remarks about the TDP leaders' aspirations to regain power. She dismissed their hopes as mere daydreaming, pointing out that they haven't won a single election since 2019. Roja further added that the YSRCP had not even contested the MLC election earlier. In contrast, the TDP had contested and knew the voting pattern. The Tourism Minister also took a strong dig at TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and MLC Nara Lokesh, claiming that they could not win the support of Kadapa people in their election campaigning towards Local body elections and Municipal Elections. She confidently asserted that the YSRCP would correct the flaws if any and win the Assembly elections.

Roja firmly defended her claim that the TDP would not win the Assembly elections, stating that the people had lost faith in Chandrababu's political tactics. She emphasized that the YSRCP came into power because of their agenda, the face value, and the charisma of party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. When asked if the YSRCP was confident of winning the Assembly elections, Roja replied with 100 percent confidence.

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