ABVP Activists' Outrage Over TSPSC Paper Leak: Pragathi Bhavan Targeted

The recent TSPSC question paper leak scandal has sent shockwaves throughout Telangana, leaving the public outraged and seeking justice for those responsible. The ABVP, a prominent student organization, has taken a stand against the leak and called for a peaceful protest. Yesterday, ABVP activists attempted to gherao Pragathi Bhavan, carrying their flags and raising their voices in protest. However, their efforts were thwarted by the heavy police presence deployed to maintain order.

Despite the heated exchange between ABVP leaders and the police, the authorities managed to detain the protesters and transport them to Goshamahal police station. The incident has only further fueled the call for justice, and the people of Telangana are eager to see the perpetrators of this heinous act brought to justice.

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