K Kavitha's Bold Move: Revealing Used Phones to Media Amidst ED Probe

BRS MLC K Kavitha has been under investigation by the Enforcement Directorate(ED) for several days now, and the recent allegation that she destroyed her mobile phone to eliminate any incriminating evidence has only added to the mounting concerns. However, Kavitha's entrance to the ED office today proved to be quite the showstopper. In a bold move, she stepped out of her car and brandished 10 used mobile phones, purportedly belonging to her. This could be her way of refuting the ED's claim that she destroyed her mobile phones to cover up her involvement in the case. Her actions drew a strong response from her BRA supporters who had gathered at the ED office to support her.

It is worth noting that this is the second consecutive day that Kavitha has faced ED's investigation, following an 11-hour grilling session the day before. The display of multiple mobile phones was certainly a compelling move on Kavitha's part, and only time will tell how it will impact the ongoing investigation.

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