Flying in Style and Comfort: Akasa Airline's Revolutionary Women's Uniform

Akasa Air, an airline backed by the late entrepreneur Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, has taken a significant step towards prioritizing the comfort of its crew members by introducing a unique and progressive approach to the flight attendants' uniforms. Unlike the conventional formal wear which includes high heels or dress shoes, the airline has allowed its flight attendants to wear sneakers while on duty. This approach has garnered positive feedback on social media, with people applauding the airline's decision to prioritize the practicality and comfort of its crew.

Last year, in July, Akasa Air unveiled a brand new uniform for its cabin crew. The uniform features specially made trousers and jackets that are created using recycled polyester fabric derived from marine waste. According to reports, the airline made sure that the comfort of its crew members was given priority by equipping them with sneakers that are designed for both comfort and style. The airline claims to be the first in India to offer such custom-made clothing for its in-flight staff.

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