Watch India's First AI Anchor In Conversation With PM Modi

The India Today Group has recently unveiled the nation's maiden news anchor powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This cutting-edge technology, known as AI anchor Sana, was launched during the 20th edition of the India Today Conclave.

In her introduction of the AI anchor, Kali Puri, the Vice Chairperson of India Today Group, expressed her excitement for the future of journalism, as Sana is a collaborative anchor that is not only promising, charming, and multilingual, but also tireless and ageless.

Furthermore, Puri commented on the synergy between humans and AI technology, stating that there is no competition between them, at least not yet. Instead, their integration will create remarkable outcomes, as the future is bright.

During the conclave, AI anchor Sana had the privilege of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and expressed her desire to conduct an exclusive interview with him in the near future. Sana also mentioned that her on-the-job learning has begun, and that by 2024, she will strive to become the best journalist in the country.

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