Telugu Indian Idol Season 2 Latest Promo- Balakrishna lauds contestant Pranathi

For the past three years, aha has been dedicated to providing its audience with exceptional shows and enjoyable content. Their latest addition, "Telugu Indian Idol 2," is designed to discover the most talented singers from the Telugu-speaking community. With season 2, aha is offering a platform for gifted singers to showcase their abilities and excel on the global stage.

The most recent promo for the show features Pranathi, a contestant who has delivered heart-warming performances that have deeply moved the judges, including the actor and politician Balakrishna, who was one of the special guests on the show. Balakrishna had the opportunity to sing and dance alongside Pranathi, which was a delightful experience for the audience.

By creating a stage for exceptional talents to be discovered, aha is providing a platform for singers to realize their potential and showcase their skills to a wider audience.

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