TDP wins West Rayalaseema Graduates MLC elections

In the recent elections for the Andhra Pradesh Graduates' MLC seats, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) achieved a resounding victory, securing all three available seats. The election results were announced last night, and the TDP emerged victorious in both the North Andhra and East Rayalaseema regions. Additionally, they had previously won the western Rayalaseema seat.

One of the successful candidates, Bhoomireddy Ramgopal Reddy, won the West Rayalaseema Graduates' MLC seat by an impressive margin of 7,543 votes. Although the initial preference votes did not reveal a clear winner, the outcome was determined by counting the second priority votes.

The leading candidate in the election, Vennapusa Ravindra Reddy of the YSRCP, was unable to maintain his advantage and eventually lost the election due to negative second priority votes.

The TDP's clean sweep in the Andhra Pradesh Graduates' MLC elections underscores their continued popularity and support among the state's educated population.

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