Kushboo Sundar reveals her father s*xually abused her when she was eight

Kushboo Sundar, an actor-turned-politician, has recently disclosed that she was s*xually and physically abused by her father at the tender age of eight. During an interview, Kushboo revealed that her father used to beat up her mother, who was also in an abusive marriage.

She further emphasized that childhood abuse has a lasting impact, regardless of gender. Kushboo went on to say that she had the courage to speak out against her father at the age of 15, but she was afraid that her mother would not believe her.

She also shared that her mother had a mindset where her husband was her God, and she feared that her mother would not support her. At 15, Kushboo decided to stand up against her father's abuse and rebellion, which eventually led to her father leaving them with very little means to survive.

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