Interview: Barabar with YS Sharmila- Full Episode

During an interview with the 'Barabar' program, YSR Telangana Party President, YS Sharmila, expressed her commitment to upholding the legacy of late CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy by serving the people of the state with justice. Sharmila criticized the current Chief Minister, KCR, for failing to fulfill the promises he made during his struggle for Telangana's cause.

Sharmila explained that her decision to form a political party was due to the government's failure to implement YSR's welfare schemes adequately. Responding to allegations that she is not a native of Telangana, Sharmila cited examples to justify her claim.

Sharmila also accused KCR of misusing funds for projects like Kaleshwaram, and dismissed claims that her party is a B-team for the BJP. When asked about her alleged abusive remarks towards MLA Shankar Naik, Sharmila claimed that he provoked her.

Sharmila proudly proclaimed that her party, YSR Telangana Party, is accomplishing what Congress and BJP could not. She confirmed that her party will contest in all assembly seats in the upcoming elections. She further stated that she will do everything politically possible to prevent KCR from becoming the Chief Minister again.

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