Anand Mahindra shares viral video of packing hacks

Anand Mahindra's Twitter profile is a treasure trove of captivating content. From intriguing factoids to highlighting commendable talent across the country, the Chairman of Mahindra Group offers a lot to learn. In one of his recent posts, he shared a video showcasing several packing hacks that can make traveling more efficient.

The video features a woman who teaches how to pack clothes efficiently. She begins by demonstrating how to fold a puffer jacket, which can be challenging due to its bulky nature. She then proceeds to show a simple method to fold a pair of jeans. "Clothes are objects with irregular shapes. This is how you topologically reduce them to very simple regular shapes with the minimum bulk volume to fit in suitcases and bags," reads the caption in the original post.

Mahindra was impressed with the video and shared it on his Twitter profile with the caption, "Fascinating. How innovation and design skills can bring significant productivity in such simple activities. I wish I had seen this video decades ago when I traveled like a maniac and was packing and re-packing every few days."

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