Money flies in the air: Rs 500 notes fall from auto in Srikakulam

Srikakulam: On Friday night, a commotion was caused at Madapam tollgate in Narasanna Peta Mandal of Srikakulam district as Rs.500 notes fell from an auto passing by. Although the occupants of the auto were aware of the fallen notes, they left the scene without attempting to retrieve them. Tollgate staff who witnessed the incident collected the notes and alerted the police.

The incident during the MLC election, causing a stir and prompting debate over who the money belonged to. The tollgate staff handed over a total of Rs.88,000 to the police, but it was impossible to identify the auto from which the notes had fallen. However, it was noted that a bike was travelling in front of the auto. The police stated that they would return the money to anyone who can provide clear evidence of ownership.

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