White House Reveals Joe Biden's Recent Battle with Skin Cancer

Last month, the United States of America's highest-ranking public official, President Joe Biden, underwent a routine health examination and had a cancerous skin lesion extracted, as reported by the White House. Biden's doctor disclosed that all cancerous tissue was removed, and no further treatment is needed. However, as part of the president's continuous healthcare, he will remain under dermatologic surveillance, according to the doctor.

During his physical examination in February, the White House confirmed that the 80-year-old president was in good health and fit for duty. Joe Biden's physician, Kevin O'Connor, provided a statement to the media recently stating that, the lesion was extracted from his chest at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, located outside of Washington DC.

Dr. O'Connor also stated that the affected area had healed nicely since the biopsy was conducted, and no further treatment is required. It is worth noting that the kind of cancer discovered, basal cell carcinoma, does not usually spread, nor does it metastasize.

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