Extra Jabardasth latest promo ft Rohini, Emmanuel, Getup Srinu, telecasts on 10th March

The latest promo of Extra Jabardasth, released by Mallemala Entertainments, is filled with amusing skits aimed at entertaining comedy enthusiasts. It opens with anchor Rashmi Gautam and other comedians rehearsing, before Rohini, Sathi Pandu, and their team take the stage to deliver impeccable comic timing that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. Emmanuel, Varsha, and Bullet Bhaskar then add to the fun by highlighting the impact of YouTube channels.

However, it is Naresh and his team's skit that steals the show and becomes the main attraction of the episode. Meanwhile, Getup Srinu and Auto Ram Prasad continue to entertain viewers with their hilarious concept. Don't miss out on the full episode airing on March 10 and indulge in all the laughter and entertainment it has to offer.

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