Telangana Congress MP Komatireddy Blasts College Principal Over Handling of Satvik Incident

A first-year intermediate student at Sri Chaitanya Junior College in Narsingi, Hyderabad, tragically died by s*icide by hanging himself from a classroom ceiling fan due to alleged harassment by the management. This incident has sparked strong condemnation from Telangana Congress MP Komatireddy Venkatreddy.

Upon hearing the news, Venkatreddy immediately went to the college's main branch and demanded the principal's presence within five minutes. When the principal called to explain the situation, the MP grew angry and questioned his attitude during a time of great distress for the student's family and relatives.

During an interview with TV9 media, Venkatreddy accused the Telangana police of protecting the college management and criticized the intense mental pressure that corporate colleges like Sri Chaitanya put on their students in the pursuit of high rankings and exorbitant fees. The MP believes that these practices are unethical and potentially dangerous, as evidenced by this tragic incident.

It is a heartbreaking tragedy that a young student felt compelled to take his own life due to alleged mistreatment by the management at Sri Chaitanya Junior College.

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