184 Selfies In 3 Minutes: Akshay Kumar Breaks Guinness World Record

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has set a new Guinness World Record for taking the most selfies in three minutes at a promotional event for his upcoming movie, 'Selfiee'. During the event, which was held in Mumbai, Kumar managed to take 184 selfies with fans, earning him the coveted title.

Akshay Kumar broke the previous record of 168 selfies taken in three minutes, which was held by James Smith of the United States. Smith had set the record while aboard the Carnival Dream cruise ship in January 2018.

Prior to Smith, Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson held the record for taking 105 selfies in three minutes at the premiere of his film 'San Andreas' in London in 2015.

The record-breaking attempt was held as part of the promotion for 'Selfiee', which is set to hit theaters on February 24.

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