YS Sharmila Demands President's Rule in Telangana!

YSR Telangana Party president Y.S. Sharmila has called for the imposition of President's rule in Telangana, citing a complete breakdown in law and order in the state. In addition, Sharmila expressed her willingness to apologize unconditionally if the sentiments of the hijra community had been hurt in any way.

During her visit to Apollo Hospital in Secunderabad, Sharmila met with Pawan Kumar, a Congress worker who had been injured in a clash with members of other parties in Warangal. She claimed that opposition activists were being targeted by BRS leaders with the assumption that the police would not take action against them.

Sharmila's demands for President's rule come in the wake of a spate of violent incidents in Telangana, including clashes between rival political factions and attacks on opposition workers. The situation has become so volatile that Sharmila believes that only central rule can restore order to the state.

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