Kanna Lakshminarayana reacts to Gannavaram incident

Vijayawada: Kanna Lakshminarayana alleged that anarchy started after YS Jagan came to power in Andhra Pradesh. He condemned the attack on the TDP office in Gannavaram. He said that the previous Chief Ministers had taken measures to control factionalism in the state and implemented them with full force. However, Chief Minister Jagan is encouraging the factional culture in the state. He criticized that there is a demon rule in the state.

Speaking to the media, Lakshminarayana stressed that political power is not permanent and urged both the Chief Minister and the police to remember this. He demanded that the police disclose the whereabouts of Telugu Desam representative Pattabhi, who was taken away on Monday and has not been seen since. Lakshminarayana also called on the DGP to produce Pattabhi in court if he had done something wrong.

Finally, Lakshminarayana announced that he would be joining the Telugu Desam Party on the 23rd of this month, along with his followers and other leaders.

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