Political Tension Erupts in Gannavaram as Vamshi Supporters Attack TDP Office!

Tension erupted in Gannavaram constituency on Monday after supporters of MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi attacked the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) office. The incident reportedly occurred after Vamsi made critical comments about TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu, which led to a clash between supporters of both political groups.

Reports suggest that Vamsi's followers entered the TDP office and created havoc, resulting in damage to property and torching of a car parked nearby. Police arrived at the scene to control the situation and prevent further damage.

The incident has sparked outrage among TDP leaders, who have expressed their anger against Vamsi for his remarks. The rebel MLA has been a source of tension within the party for some time, and this incident is likely to further strain his relationship with the TDP.

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