Ram Mohan Naidu takes EMU Train to a warm welcome in Srikakulam

The authorities have announced the restoration of the EMU passenger train that travels from Visakhapatnam to Palasa, after it was cancelled in 2019 due to the Covid pandemic. The train's revival was marked by the presence of TDP MP Rammohan Naidu, who boarded the train to travel from Srikakulam Road railway junction to Palasa railway station.

Upon arriving in Amudalavalasa, the MP was greeted by TDP leaders who felicitated him with garlands. In his address, the MP expressed gratitude to railway ministers and officials for their cooperation in restoring the train service. He also urged for the fight for the railway zone to continue, highlighting that TDP leaders have been raising their voices in Parliament on this issue.

The restoration of this train service comes as a welcome development for commuters who have been facing inconvenience since its cancellation in 2019. With the service up and running once again, passengers can expect easier and more comfortable travel options between Visakhapatnam and Palasa.

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