Godavari Express major accident averted due to LHB coaches' advanced safety technology

Hyderabad: A major accident was averted to Visakhapatnam-Hyderabad Godavari Express after the train derailed near Bibinagar in the early hours of Wednesday. It is said that the major accident was averted due to the advanced safety features of Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches. As the train was traveling, one of the coaches derailed and started to tip over. However, the LHB coaches prevented it from falling on the other coaches, potentially saving countless lives.

The safety features of LHB coaches are designed to prevent accidents, particularly those involving coaches falling on each other. Some of these features include anti-climbing devices fitted on the end walls of the coaches, a Centre Buffer Coupling (CBC) system used to reduce jerks and vibrations, and a wider and longer wheelbase to distribute weight evenly. LHB coaches also use advanced suspension systems, such as air springs, to provide a smoother ride and reduce the risk of derailment.

The use of LHB coaches on the Godavari Express route was crucial in averting a potential disaster. The advanced safety features of the coaches helped to ensure stability and prevent further damage to the train.

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