Actress Hansika speaks out on accusations of stealing best friend's husband

Hansika Motwani recently made headlines with the announcement of her engagement to Sohael Khaturiya, but it quickly emerged that Sohael was previously married to Hansika's best friend Rinky. This led to accusations that Hansika had stolen her friend's husband. The actress has now spoken out about the matter.

On the first episode of Love Shaadi Drama, Hansika and Sohael addressed the allegations made against them. Sohael stated, "The news of my previous marriage was presented in a false and misleading manner, suggesting that my breakup was because of Hansika, which is completely untrue and baseless."

Hansika added, "Just because I was aware of Sohael's prior marriage, it does not make me responsible for it. Being a public figure, I was an easy target for blame and criticism. However, this is just part of the cost I pay for being in the public eye."

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