'Go rinse your mouth with dettol'; Nirmala blasts Cong MPs: Watch The Faceoff

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman strongly criticized the Congress party on Friday for making allegations of corruption against the central government. During the budget debate in the Lok Sabha, the minister took on the opposition and refuted their claims.

When Congress MPs shouted slogans against Prime Minister Modi over the Adani controversy, Nirmala Sitharaman advised them to "rinse their mouth with Dettol". She pointed out that a party with a history of corruption should not make accusations against others. The minister emphasized that the Congress party should not be leveling corruption allegations against anyone else.

Additionally, Nirmala Sitharaman called out the opposition for making allegations but walking out when they are given a response. She stated that such behavior demonstrates a lack of accountability and a refusal to engage in meaningful discourse.

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