Microsoft Mogul Finds Love Again: Bill Gates Dating Widow Paula Hurd

Part 2

Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates has reportedly found love once again, according to People Media. The tech mogul is said to be in a relationship with 60-year-old Paula Hurd, the wife of former Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, who passed away in 2019 after a battle with cancer. The couple was spotted together watching the Australian Open last month, further fueling rumors of their romantic involvement.

In addition to her role as an event planner, Paula Hurd is also known for her active involvement in service activities. She previously worked as a tech executive and has a reputation for her philanthropic efforts.

The news of Bill Gates' relationship comes two years after his highly publicized divorce from Melinda Gates after 30 years of marriage. Despite their split, the couple announced that they would continue to work together through their foundation, which focuses on improving global health and reducing poverty.

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