Jawan from Bihar creates the World record by lifting 165 Kg with teeth

Bihar-based jawan, Dharmendra Kumar of Ramgarh in Kaimur district, has made headlines for his exceptional strength and weightlifting abilities. He holds a total of 10 world records, including one in the Guinness Book of World Records for lifting 165 kg of weight with his teeth.

In a recent feat of strength, Dharmendra Kumar held the weight in the air for 10 seconds, earning him a place in the record books. He has also been known to perform daring stunts, such as carrying a two-wheeler on his shoulders while running 100 metres and breaking coconuts with his head and bending iron with his teeth.

Dharmendra Kumar has earned the title of "Hammer Headman of India" due to his impressive strength and weightlifting abilities. Currently serving as a jawan in the Tripura Rifles, Dharmendra Kumar continues to awe and inspire with his remarkable strength and determination.

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