Video of rat stealing necklace goes viral, netizens in stitches

Hyderabad: A video of a rat stealing a necklace on display at a jewelry store has taken the internet by storm! IPS officer Rajesh Hingankar shared the now-famous footage on Twitter, and it's causing quite a stir. In the video, which is just 30 seconds long, a rat can be seen doing what can only be described as a heist! It takes a daring leap from a gap and lands straight on the necklace stand, then goes to town fiddling with the latch.

And what do you know? The little guy succeeds in cracking the case and makes a run for it with the necklace in tow. The officer captioned the post with a hilarious question, "For whom would this rat have taken the diamond necklace?" The internet is having a field day with the hilarious video and making all sorts of funny comments.

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