'Go to AP...If Jagan goes to jail, you will get a chance', Kadiyam Srihari advices YS Sharmila

BRS MLC Kadiyam Srihari made controversial remarks about YSRTP president YS Sharmila, suggesting that it was absurd for her to discuss the budget of Telangana. He accused the YSR family of being against Telangana from the outset. Kadiyam Srihari advised YS Sharmila to focus on the issues and concerns of the people of Andhra Pradesh, stating that Telangana did not need her services.

He reminded Sharmila of her role in taking care of YSRCP while YS Jagan was in jail and protecting the party. He advised her that she would have an opportunity to serve in Andhra Pradesh if Jagan were to go to jail again in the future. Kadiyam suggested that YS Sharmila not waste her time in Telangana unnecessarily.

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