Vijay Deverakonda's thrilling journey with snakes and wildlife in Dubai

Tollywood's handsome hero, Vijay Deverakonda, is making the most of his vacation in Dubai, sharing memorable moments with his followers through his Instagram handle. Recently, the actor shared a video that showcases his fearless encounter with wild animals in Dubai Zoo. In the video, Vijay holds snakes and lies down with giant pythons while also feeding tiger cubs.

Vijay expressed his gratitude towards his hosts, @sb_belhasa and @fame.park, for providing him with an unforgettable experience. He praised the beautiful park, happy animals, and knowledgeable caretakers for helping him overcome his fear of snakes and allowing him to interact with adorable lion and tiger cubs.

He captioned his post as ""Another memory for life. @sb_belhasa and @fame.park were amazing hosts to this memory. A beautiful park, happy well taken care of animals, great caretakers - They got me over my biggest fear - snakes, Shared lots of knowledge on animals and let me play with the cutest lion and tiger cubs." Vijay's fans were amazed by his bravery and applauded him for facing his fear head-on

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