JD Lakshminarayana to contest from Visakhapatnam, talks about phone tapping issue

Visakhapatnam: Former CBI Joint Director V.V. Lakshminarayana announced his plans to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from Visakhapatnam. Speaking to the media, he stated that he will join a political party that shares similar objectives and principles to his own.

Responding to reports circulating on social media, Lakshminarayana said that if a suitable party approaches him, he will contest on their ticket, but if not, he will contest as an independent candidate.

JD Lakshminarayana also commented on the recent MLA phone-tapping issue, saying that MLA can seek help from the Court or police if he suspects illegal phone tapping. He emphasized that the government has the right to intercept phones under certain conditions, as specified by the Telegraph Act. This includes tapping the phones of suspects who threaten national sovereignty, damage relationships between nations, or disturb public order. He emphasized that illegal phone recording is unacceptable.

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