Senior Gynecologist 'Dr Balamba' on breastfeeding, cesareans, and more, exclusive interview

Hyderabad: Dr Balamba, a senior gynaecologist from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with 57 years of experience in her field, spoke about her personal life and women's health issues in an interview. She reported a rise in cases of psychiatric disorders, such as depression and marital problems, over the last five to six years. However, she noted that the current generation of young people is trying to address their health issues.

When asked about permanent contraception, Dr Balamba stated that she never advises it and said the best age to have children is between 21 and 29 years old. She also shared valuable information about cesareans and breastfeeding. She emphasized that the newborn should be fed with breast milk within 30 minutes of birth.

Dr Balamba, who is a Brahmin, married a Christian 50 years ago, but her in-laws never pressured her to convert to Christianity. She shared that their inter-faith marriage has not been an issue.

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