Interview: Bhanupriya Opens Up About Memory Loss After Husband's Death

Bhanupriya, the talented actress known for her captivating eyes, acting prowess, and graceful dance moves, continues to be beloved by her fans. She was one of the rare heroines who could match Chiranjeevi's dance skills. Although she has taken a break from films, she has also worked as a character artist in the past.

In a recent interview, Bhanupriya revealed that she has been struggling with memory loss, which has worsened since the death of her husband. She also shared that this is the reason she has dropped the idea of starting a dance school. The veteran actress said she is currently taking medication for her condition.

Contrary to rumors, Bhanupriya stated that her relationship with her husband was not in trouble before his death. She said that they saw each other frequently despite their busy schedules. The senior actress confirmed that reports of their separation were just rumors. She also shared updates about her daughter and upcoming film projects.

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