Viral video: Groom arrives for wedding on JCB in Gujarat’s Navsari

A wedding procession in Navsari, Gujarat, is making headlines for its unique mode of transportation. Instead of opting for a luxury car or other traditional means, the groom, Keyur Patel, arrived at the wedding venue on a beautifully decorated bulldozer.

This was a dream come true for Keyur, who was inspired by a video he saw on social media of a wedding in Punjab where the groom arrived on a JCB. The bulldozer was decked out with flowers and the marriage procession reached the bride's house to the sound of drumbeats and a DJ.

The arrival of the groom on a bulldozer was a surprising and memorable moment for everyone in attendance. Keyur Patel, a resident of Chikhli in Navsari, made this unique choice to add a special touch to his wedding day.

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