KTR & Etela Interesting Scene In Telangana Assembly

An engaging discussion took place prior to the Governor's address in the assembly. Minister KT Rama Rao engaged in a conversation with BJP MLAs Etela, Raghunandana Rao, and Raja Singh. KTR reportedly asked why the BJP MLAs didn't attend the official function held in Huzurabad, to which Etela responded that he would have attended if he had been invited. Etela advised KTR that the government's policies were not effectively reaching the people. CLP leader Bhatti interjected, stating that he too had not been invited to official functions. KTR laughed at Etela's suggestion that the collectorate should at least be invited.

As the Governor approached the House, MLA Sandra Venkataveeraiah alerted the minister. KTR then moved to his designated seating area. Earlier in the day, Deputy Speaker Padma Rao had a separate conversation with Etela. During KTR's conversation with Raja Singh, he jokingly commented on the saffron-colored shirt Raja was wearing, saying "That color pierces the eyes, and I don't like that color." Raja playfully retorted that KTR might wear a saffron shirt in the future.

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