Senior actor Chandramohan sheds tears for his cousin and director K Viswanath

Part 2

Heartbroken and in tears, Tollywood senior actor Chandramohan paid a visit to the late legendary director Kalatapasvi K Viswanath's residence to offer his final respects. As he stood before the director's mortal remains, Chandramohan was overtaken by emotion, his tears flowing freely down his cheeks. Despite the comforting efforts of those around him, the senior actor could not hold back his sadness at the loss of the great filmmaker.

Chandramohan spoke to the media, sharing that Viswanath was his cousin and that his passing is a great loss to their family. He reminisced on cherished memories they shared.

The Telugu film industry is mourning the passing of K Viswanath, a director who ruled the industry for a remarkable 50 years and created numerous classic movies. The outpouring of condolences from Tollywood celebrities and politicians is a testament to the impact that K Viswanath had on the film world and the deep respect that he inspired in those who knew him.

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