Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy Sensational Press Meet

Nellore: YSRCP rebel MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy addressed a press conference regarding the controversy surrounding his allegations of phone tapping by the Jagan's government. MLA Sridhar Reddy stated that he resigned from his position in a righteous and honest manner, as he did not want to be in a place of suspicion.

The MLA shared that he had evidence of his phone being tapped by the government, which was the reason for his departure from the ruling party. Sridhar Reddy stated that he knew the problems he would face after leaving the ruling party, and that he had been in district politics for 35 years, starting as a student leader.

Sridhar Reddy called for an investigation into the alleged phone tapping and expressed disappointment that the state government had not written a letter to the central home ministry to address the issue. He also noted that the phone tapping of a ruling party MLA was not a casual occurrence.

Amid rumors of his imminent arrest, MLA Sridhar Reddy stated that he was ready for any consequences and that his voice would not be silenced. He challenged anyone to try and stop him, stating that the only solution was to "make an encounter." Sridhar Reddy also referred to the upcoming elections and said that "who will contest from which party will be known at the time of the election."

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