India's Budget a Hope for the World's Economies: Narendra Modi

The budget meetings for the 2023-24 financial year are set to commence in Parliament shortly. Prime Minister Modi addressed the media in the Parliament premises, emphasizing the importance of the budget in light of the instability affecting the global economy. He stated that the world is hopeful that India's budget will provide a roadmap for other nations.

For the first time, President Draupadi Murmu will address both Houses of Parliament, a proud moment for India's constitution, particularly for women. Modi emphasized that the budget aligns with the "India First, Citizen First" slogan, and expressed his hope that opposition leaders would offer their valuable suggestions during the parliamentary sessions.

The Prime Minister praised Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for her hard work in compiling the budget that aims to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of all citizens. He noted the significance of having both the President and Finance Minister as women. Modi emphasized that not only India but the entire world is waiting for the budget in the current situation.

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