Witch Hunt Against PM Modi; Indian Diaspora In London Protests Outside BBC Headquarters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the subject of a B.B.C. documentary. There are numerous protests. The Non-Resident Indians protested in front of the B.B.C. headquarters in London. What was depicted in the documentary was entirely incorrect, they claimed. There is alleged discrimination against the communities in India under Modi ji, claimed certain groups. Indians who do not live in India claimed that PM Modi has done something for Muslims that no other leader did.

However, there were concerns present even in front of the B.B.C. office in Delhi. The B.B.C. has allegedly developed into a threat on secularism. There were both supporters and opponents of the recently released BBC documentary on the riots in Gujarat in 2002. Despite the Center's ban, certain student organisations in different campuses around the nation make an effort to show it.. Police were stopping it all over the place.

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