Oakridge School Annual CASnival Impresses with Leadership Skills of KTR's son Himanshu

The annual Creativity, Activity, and Service carnival of Oakridge School, the CASnival, witnessed impressive leadership skills from Himanshu, the grandson of CM KCR and son of Minister KTR. The theme of the carnival was "Joy of Giving," and students showcased their creativity through over 30 stalls.

In his speech, Himanshu highlighted the connection between the environment and education and stated that the funds raised from the event would be used to rejuvenate Nanakramguda Lake. The aim of the event, according to Himanshu, was to raise awareness on lake protection and turn students into environmentalists.

Himanshu also emphasized the unique aspect of the CASnival, as students were given the opportunity to become young entrepreneurs through managing stalls. Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy, who attended as the chief guest, praised the event for symbolizing the thoughts of the current generation and expressed her happiness about Himanshu and his friends doing good works for society.

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