Road caves in Hyderabad's Himayat Nagar, vehicle gets stuck

Hyderabad: Residents were shocked when a road in Himayat Nagar's Street No. 5 suddenly caved in, creating a sinkhole that was 10 feet deep. A mini truck carrying sand got stuck in the newly formed pothole, causing concern among both motorists and locals. Thankfully, there were no reports of injuries or fatalities.

Many citizens attribute the collapse to issues with the drainage system. It is thought that old drainage pipes are located on main roads and are contributing to such accidents. Additionally, leaks in the Nala system are causing the roads to become wet and unstable.

Residents are especially worried about this incident as it follows a similar one that occurred in Gosha Mahal just a few days ago. The locals urging for swift action to be taken to prevent future accidents.

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