KCR skips Telangana bill passing in Parliament, BJP leader Vijayashanti claims

Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vijayashanti criticized Telangana Chief Minister KCR and reminisced about the passing of the Telangana state formation bill in Parliament. Speaking at a gathering, Vijayashanti accused KCR of slipping away during the bill's presentation at the Speaker's podium, and claimed that she had to protect the bill from other MPs who opposed the formation of Telangana.

According to Vijayashanti, some MPs attempted to remove her from the Speaker's podium and even Lagadapati used pepper spray, causing many to suffocate. Despite the difficulties, she urged the Speaker to quickly complete the reading of the bill, which ultimately led to its passing. However, she expressed her concern that the beautiful land of Telangana was now in the hands of an incompetent leader

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