TDP MP Kesineni Nani calls for party clean-up, Refuses to support alleged cheaters and fraudsters

TDP MP Kesineni Nani made a bold statement on Sunday, calling for a clean-up within the TDP party. He stated that while democracy allows for the participation of individuals such as 420 and call money traders, the party should not give tickets to those who engage in cheating, real estate fraud, land grabbing, and womanizing.

In a statement to the media, Nani emphasized that the TDP is a party founded on strong ideals and principles, and that he is opposed to those who weaken the party's ideological strength. He also made it clear that he would not support three unnamed leaders, including his own brother Kesineni Chinni, if they were to receive a party ticket.

Nani emphasized his own personal integrity and commitment to ethical behavior in politics, stating that he did not come to cheat anyone and that his reputation extended beyond just being an MP. He also mentioned that his influence extends to Delhi and that the party could utilize his services if necessary.

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