Sonamarg Avalanche: Workers' terrifying escape caught on camera

Jammu & Kashmir: An avalanche swept through the popular hill station of Sonamarg in Jammu and Kashmir, causing panic among workers at the construction site of the Zojila Tunnel. The heavy snowfall, described as being like a tsunami, prompted the workers to flee to their barracks for safety. The incident was captured on camera by Har Pal Singh, the general manager of the construction company, and has since gone viral on social media. However, Singh reported that none of the workers were harmed in the avalanche.

The construction company had built barracks for its workers in Sonamarg, and on the day of the incident, they were working as usual when they noticed the approaching snowstorm. They sought refuge in the barracks until the storm subsided, with the area around the barracks being completely covered in snow afterwards.

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