Minister Roja makes strong comments on Pawan Kalyan, Naga Babu

Nagari: Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister RK Roja lashed out at Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan and Naga Babu. Speaking to the media, Minister Roja criticised Pawan Kalyan for his recent comments against her terming her as 'Diamond Rani' and she called him a joker. She further made comments on Nagababu and accused him that he can't think himself. She alleged that Pawan Kalyan and Naga Babu have egos.

Minister Roja went on to say that Pawan and Nagababu only know how to read scripts written for them. She also criticized Pawan for dancing with young girls in the recent meeting, saying it was inappropriate and that he is a failure in everything. Roja stated that Pawan only got film opportunities because of Chiranjeevi's presence and that she has grown up with self-effort.

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