Minister Rambabu Responds to Criticism from Pawan Kalyan

In a public meeting held by Jana Sena in Rangasthalam, Srikakulam district, party chief Pawan Kalyan publicly criticized YSRCP leaders, with specific focus on Minister Ambati Rambabu, whom he referred to as "Sambarala Rambabu."

In response, Minister Rambabu made a statement saying, "If an elephant like Jagan is going, dogs like Pawan are barking. Does Pawan have the minimum right to talk about Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy? Pawan Kalyan is a comedy piece in Telugu politics. The people have understood this. He may claim to be a cultured leader, but he abuses ministers. What is this politics?"

Rambabu further stated, "You understand that going single is a death. You cowards, you don't have the guts or the courage. Even if you made an alliance with Chandrababu, it is political death for Pawan Kalyan. In Pawan's view, respect is a package. The Jana Sena party is for Chandrababu. The youth should realize that the way Pawan is going is not good."

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