Hyper Aadi slams YSRCP at Jana Sena Yuva shakti meeting in Srikakulam

Actor turned Jana Sena leader, Hyper Aadi, has come out in defense of party founder and leader, Pawan Kalyan, stating that Pawan Kalya's intentions in the film industry are not to make records or amass wealth. During the Jana Sena Yuva shakti meeting in Ranasthalam, Srikakulam district on Thursday, Hyper Aadi used his own unique style to attack those who have criticized Pawan Kalyan's political ambitions.

Aadi emphasized that Pawan Kalyan is a serious politician and has no desire for wealth. He also stated that Pawan Kalyan is deeply concerned about the struggles of the general public. Hyper Aadi swore on his mother, and he expressed his hope that Pawan Kalyan will one day serve as the state's chief minister. Aadi also made a sharp jab at YSRCP MLAs, accusing 151 people of being terrified of the integrity of one person.

Hyper Aadi defended Pawan Kalyan's political ambition, stating that he is a leader who emerges from all castes to serve the people. He also expressed his wish for Pawan Kalyan to become the state's chief minister.

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