Viral video: Bride awes invitees by driving tanker lorry to engagement ceremony venue along with bridegroom......

There was an unique incidence in Thrissur, Kerala. A young woman and young man are getting engaged. The new bride drove the truck and brought the groom to church. The engagement ceremony's attendees were all taken aback by what they witnessed. Dalisha, a young woman from the district of Manalur, has always enjoyed driving lorries. Father Davis, who was also a truck driver, also grew to like it.

Dalisha used to drive the truck occasionally without her father. She used to transport petrol from Kochi to the Malappuram bunker. At that time, videos of her operating a tanker truck went viral. The Gulf corporation sent a job offer to her. She met Hanson, a driver from Kanjirapalli in the area, when she started working for the Gulf as a tanker driver. Both fell in love. The families of both have approved of their marriage.

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