High tension in Kuppam ahead of Chandrababu roadshow: An activist attacked policeman!

On Wednesday (January 4), Kuppam in the Chittoor district was tense . Police prevented TDP Chief Chandrababu's tour because he lacked authorization. For failing to obtain Mike's consent, four campaign chariots have already been seized. The stage that had been built up at Kenumakulapalli in Shantipuram mandal for the meeting was also taken down by the police. The police stopped TDP leaders who were headed to welcome Chandrababu. Between the police and TDP activists, a dispute erupted. TDP activists attempted to attack police officers at one point.

At two previous conventions, there was a stampede that resulted in some fatalities. Following this, the Telugu Desam Party is purportedly prohibited from having road shows and gatherings by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

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