Bairi Naresh's remand report

Warangal: Bairi Naresh who made objectionable comments against Lord Ayyappa Swamy, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva confessed his crime during the police investigation, as per the sources. It is mentioned in the remand report that Bairi Naresh stated that he intentionally made comments against Lord Ayyappa Swamy.

The organiser of the program Hanumanthu also accepted that he intentionally invited Bairi Naresh to the event. It is known that Bairi Naresh made objectionable comments against Lord Ayyappa Swamy during the Ambedkar statue inauguration on December 19.

Police told the Court that several cases were also filed against Bairi Naresh in the past. Police said that Bairi Naresh intentionally made comments to provoke conflicts between religions and nations.

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